TurboTax FAQ
TurboTax FAQ

E-file reject F1099R-502-02: The Payer Federal Id Number entered does not match what the IRS has in its records

This rejection can occur if you mistyped or omitted the Payer Name and/or Federal ID Number (FEIN) when you entered your 1099-R.

Other, less common reasons for this rejection:

  • Your 1099-R form is incorrect
  • The payer's info in the IRS database is wrong

Note: If the Federal ID Number on your 1099-R is blank due to a foreign payer, you'll need to mail your return because the FEIN is required for e-filing. If a domestic payer omitted their FEIN, please contact them for the 9-digit number so you can e-file.


You'll need to leave the TurboTax app and sign in to a browser:

  1. Sign out of the app by tapping the TurboTax icon in the upper-left corner > App Settings > Sign Out.
  2. Open your browser (either on your device or a computer) and sign in at MyTurboTax.com (use your app login).
  3. Fix and refile your return in TurboTax Online. Instructions