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E-file reject F1099R-502-02: The Payer Federal Id Number entered does not match what the IRS has in its records

This rejection can occur if you mistyped or omitted the Payer Name and/or Federal ID Number (FEIN) when you entered your 1099-R.

Other, less common reasons for this rejection:

  • Your 1099-R form is incorrect
  • The payer's info in the IRS database is wrong

Grab your 1099-R form and proceed to the solution steps below.

Note: If the Federal ID Number on your 1099-R is blank due to a foreign payer, you'll need to mail your return because the FEIN is required for e-filing. If a domestic payer omitted their FEIN, please contact them for the 9-digit number so you can e-file.


  1. Open (continue) your return if it's not already open.
  2. Search for 1099-R and then click the "Jump to" link in the search results.
  3. Click or tap Edit next to the 1099-R in question.
  4. Proceed to the Enter 1099-R screen and compare the Payer Name and Federal ID Number on the screen with your 1099-R form.
    • Important: The payer name and FEIN in TurboTax must match your 1099-R exactly.
  5. Make any corrections, then click Continue at the bottom. Repeat Steps 2-5 for any other 1099-Rs on your return.
  6. Click File in the upper-right area and follow the onscreen instructions to proceed with the filing process.

The FEIN is correct, but my return keeps getting rejected. Why?

It's very likely that the payer's data at the IRS is wrong. In this case, you will have to print and mail a conventional paper return. The IRS won't accept your e-file if the FEIN doesn't match what's in their database.

Another, less likely possibility is that the FEIN printed on the 1099-R is wrong. Contact the payer for the correct FEIN and ask them to send you a corrected 1099-R for your records.

A third possibility is that the payer's name doesn't match the IRS database for that particular FEIN. For example, if you entered "Scott Trade" instead of "Scottrade" or "TRS" instead of "Transamerica Retirement Solutions."