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TurboTax FAQ
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Can I get my AGI from my W-2?

Nope. Here's why you won't find your AGI (adjusted gross income) on your W-2 or year-end paystub:

  • Your W-2 or paystub only shows your unadjusted gross income from that one job.
  • Your W-2 or paystub doesn't include other income that goes into your AGI calculation, such as income from self-employment or side jobs, interest or dividends, capital gains, taxable state and local refunds, unemployment, alimony received, and so forth.
  • Your W-2 or paystub doesn't list deductible items that adjust (reduce) your gross income, things like moving expenses, alimony paid, and education-related deductions to name a few.

The only place to reliably get last year's AGI is from your originally-filed, unamended 2015 tax return copy or an official IRS transcript.