TurboTax FAQ
TurboTax FAQ

Why did my TurboTax information disappear after I logged into Mint or QuickBooks Self-Employed?

This can occur if you’re signed into more than one account including TurboTax, Mint or QuickBooks Self-Employed on the same browser.

Example: If you are signed into TurboTax with one User ID, and you open another tab and sign into Mint with a different User ID: When you go back to TurboTax you will be signed in with your Mint User ID. It will look like the information you entered in TurboTax has disappeared. Rest assured, your TurboTax account is safe and you just need to get back into it.


If you don’t see your information in TurboTax, Mint or QuickBooks Self-Employed, you’ll want to sign out and then sign back in with the User ID you always use for that account:

To keep TurboTax and Mint or QuickBooks Self-Employed open at the same time:

  • Option 1 - Use 2 different browsers to open TurboTax Online and Mint or QuickBooks Self-Employed
    • Example: Open TurboTax Online in Chrome and open Mint in Internet Explorer.
  • Option 2 - Set your browser to Incognito or InPrivate
    • Chrome – Incognito
      1. Open Chrome
      2. Click the More icon (3 vertical dots) in the top right, and select New Incognito Window
      3. A new window will open. Check for the Incognito icon (hat over glasses) in the top leftt
    • Internet Explorer – InPrivate
      1. Right click the Internet Explorer icon on the taskbar, and select Start InPrivate Browsing.