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TurboTax FAQ
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Why is my Uber 1099-K different from what I actually got paid?

It’s okay if the amount of your 1099-K is different than what was deposited in your bank. The amount on your 1099-K is the total amount that your customers paid. Before Uber pays you, they take out expenses like tolls, Safe Rides Fees, taxes, and other fees. That is why the amount you got paid is different from the amount on your 1099-K.

You need to report the total amount of your 1099-K, but then you also get to enter your expenses on your tax return. You only pay taxes on your net income from Uber, which is the amount of income you had after your expenses were subtracted.


$20,500          Your 1099-K total – Enter this in your return

  -$125           Tolls paid – Enter this as an expense in your return

  -$250           Taxes and licenses – Enter this as an expense

$20,125           Net pay from Uber – You only pay taxes on this amount.

Examples of expenses you pay to Uber are:

  • Tolls
  • Safe Rides fees
  • Split fare fees
  • Black Car Fund
  • Sales tax
  • Booking fees
  • City fees
  • Airport fees
  • Other taxes

To see the amounts of your different driving expenses (the amounts Uber took out before they paid you):

  1. Log in to Uber.com and select the Tax Information page at the top.
  2. In the Tax Documents section, locate your Yearly Summary for 2018 and Download it.

After downloading, open your Yearly Summary and you can see the amount Uber took out from your pay for each expense category.