TurboTax FAQ
TurboTax FAQ
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I can’t log into Mint to get my free credit score

If you are having trouble logging into Mint, you’ll see one of the messages below. 
Follow the instructions depending on which message you receive.

“That doesn’t look like your Mint user ID…”

To access Mint, use the login information you used when you signed up for Mint.
  • Your Mint User ID is usually your email.

Returning to TurboTax after receiving your credit score in Mint

After receiving your credit score, you’ll have the option to return to TurboTax. After selecting this option, do this from the first TurboTax screen you come to:

  1. Select My Account in the upper right, and then Save & Sign Out.
  2. Log into TurboTax with the User ID and password you always use to work on your return.

“Hmm. That didn’t work. Let’s get you back into your account.”

Make sure you’re using your TurboTax User ID and password. Go ahead and retry using this login info.
  • If you forgot your TurboTax login info, click I forgot my user ID or password and follow the instructions.

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