TurboTax FAQ
TurboTax FAQ
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Troubleshoot Printing Issues

For troubleshooting printing issues in the mobile app, see the situation that applies to you:

Apple Devices:

Make sure you are using iOS native or Safari.

(You can’t print from iOS Chrome – you will get an error message and will either need to use iOS native or Safari, or print from a computer with printing capabilities.)

  1. First, make sure you can print something from a program other than the TurboTax mobile app.  
  2. Once you can print from your mobile phone, open your return in the TurboTax mobile app.
    (To do this, sign in to the TurboTax mobile app and click the orange Take me to my return button.)
  3. If you have followed the instructions for printing in the mobile app (see Related Information below) and have a problem, see Apple - AirPrint.

Android Devices

You can’t print directly from an Android device - no matter what browser is used. You’ll need to log out of your TurboTax account. We’ll save all of your information, and when you are ready to print you can login from your computer or other device with printing capabilities and print your tax return.