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TurboTax Online no longer allows import from a different user ID for It's Deductible Online

Some TurboTax Online and It's Deductible Online users who keep their Taxes and Donations separated by different user IDs will no longer be provided the option to log into an account that is different from their TurboTax Online user account to import It's Deductible Online donation information. 

In TurboTax Online, when visiting the "Import from It's Deductible" section of "Donations to Charity" in the TurboTax interview, you will be automatically prompted to import It's Deductible donations that are tied to the TurboTax Account you are currently logged into.

If the your donations are listed in a different user account from your current TurboTax Online account, TurboTax will not find the donations for import.


1. Make sure your It's Deductible donations are entered in the same user account you are using for TurboTax Online.

2. Manually enter your Donations into TurboTax Online.