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TurboTax FAQ
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Unable to import Quick Books Self Employed into TurboTax

There is currently an issue where an "We couldn't import QuickBooks info, but that's Ok" message is displayed when attempting to import from Quick Books Self Employed to TurboTax Self-Employed on Turbotax Online.


Check your Internet connection. Weak Wifi signal and intermittent time outs can cause the issue and errors you are seeing.

If you can, try direct connecting to your network. You can also try network and router troubleshooting here.

The following steps should also resolve this issue:

  1. Select "My Account"
  2. Select "Save & Sign Out"
  3. Clear Cookies
  4. Restart the browser or use a different one.
  5. Sign into QBSE
  6. Select the annual taxes tab
  7. Click 2016
  8. Click Go to TurboTax