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Resolved:Your Advance payment of PTC Percentage Box missing on TurboTax Desktop

When entering 1095-A on a shared policy  the  screen titled "Since this is a shared policy, we need to know how to allocate the policy amounts" was missing the box to enter Your Advanced payment of PTC Percentage On TurboTax Desktop


Please use the following steps to workaround this issue:

  1. Go to Forms mode in the upper right section
  2. Select Form 1095-A on the left side panel 
  3. Scroll down the form to Part III of the form 
  4. Locate the "Shared Policy Aloocation Information Smart Worksheet" box
  5. Input the information in the Advance Payment of the PTC Percentage box


This issue has been resolved in a TurboTax update that was released on 1/27/2017.

For assistance with updating TurboTax please refer to the How to Update TurboTax support article.