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TurboTax FAQ
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How do I review or add expenses in ExpenseFinder?

Once you have added your bank or credit card accounts to ExpenseFinder and we have imported your expenses, you should review these expenses. You can also add new ones manually.

To review your expenses:

  1. On the Your work expenses screen, click Start next to one of the expense categories listed (Office Expenses, Advertising, Business Travel, etc.)
    • There will also be an Uncategorized expenses category. You can review these also.
  2. Once you open a category, you can:
    • Remove any non-expense items by unchecking the box next to the item.
    • Move an expense to a different category. 
    • Split an expense between two or more categories.
      Example: If you went to Lowe’s and bought a small refrigerator for your home office, and also cleaning fluid for your car, which is a vehicle expense, you can split those expenses from the single charge you had at Lowe’s.
  3. At the bottom of the screen for a particular category, you’ll notice additional expenses. These are possibly related to the expense category. Add any of these that you decide are relevant for your line of work or self-employed business.
  4. After you have reviewed your expenses, and added any new ones (see below), click Looks good at the bottom of the screen.
    • By clicking Looks good, this tells us you have reviewed this category. You can still add additional expenses or remove expenses later, but this tells us you are ready to add these expenses to your tax return.

      You must review each expense category and click Looks good before we include these expenses on your tax return.

To add new expenses manually

After importing expenses using ExpenseFinder, you can manually enter additional expenses where you paid by cash or check, paid from a bank account not connected to ExpenseFinder, or had other expenses that would not have been imported by ExpenseFinder.

After you import your expenses from ExpenseFinder, and click Done with import for now on the Your work expenses screen, you’ll return to the line of work summary screen - Your (type of work) Info.

This screen includes both INCOME and EXPENSES sections.

In the EXPENSES section:

  1. Click Edit next to the expense category where you would like to add expenses manually
  2. Follow the screens to enter your additional expenses

You can also add a new expense category by clicking Add expenses for this work in the EXPENSES section of the line of work summary screen.