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Can I file my 2016 taxes without renewing my ITIN?

If you e-file your taxes using an expired ITIN, or your spouse or dependent listed on your return has an expired ITIN, your return will be rejected by the IRS.

  • You will need to file by mail, and include a completed Form W-7 (ITIN renewal application) as well as any required documentation along with your 2016 return. You should include a W-7 for your spouse or dependent as well, if they need to renew their ITINs.

    Here are the IRS Instructions for Form W-7.
If you have not renewed your ITIN and not yet filed your 2016 tax return:
  • You should file by mail, and include your ITIN renewal application, Form W-7 (IRS Instructions for Form W-7) and any required documentation with your return. You should also include Form W-7 and any required documentation for your spouse or dependent as well, if they need to renew their ITINs. 

Form W-7 cannot be submitted electronically.  It must be mailed to the IRS, or filled out in person at a designated IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center (you can call and make an appointment). 

You want to renew your ITIN as soon as possible, since a delay in doing so may delay any credits you are entitled to and result in an e-file rejection.

  • Be sure that your spouse and dependents who are listed on your return also renew their ITINs if required.