TurboTax FAQ
TurboTax FAQ
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Why isn’t my AGI transferring when I filed with TurboTax last year?

If you filed with us online last year and your adjusted gross income (AGI) didn’t transfer automatically, you’re probably in a different account than what you used for your 2015 taxes:

  1. Go to your account from last year and find your AGI in My Tax Timeline. (We can help you if you don’t remember your old login.)
  2. Then, in the 2015 Tax Year section, click View adjusted gross income (AGI).

To get to My Tax Timeline, go to the bottom of the page. Or, if you’re already in your return, click Tax Timeline or the three parallel lines (“hamburger”) at the top left of your screen, then go to the bottom of the page. 

Then, either go back to your current account and enter your AGI, or do your taxes in last year’s account and we’ll automatically transfer your AGI for you.

You can also get your AGI from a free IRS return transcript.

For more information on having multiple accounts, have a look at Related Information below.