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What are the newest TurboTax 2015 federal program updates for desktop?

What's in the latest TurboTax 2015 federal program update for desktop?

Release for the week of June 29, 2016 (R36)


  • Resolved: Mac users were seeing an alignment issue on the Fees screen for “Total.”
  • Resolved: Mac users recived Error -601ERRV;?,PARSE_2-J;J when attempting to e-file thier state refund.

Release for the week of June 22, 2016 (R35)

  • Resolved: Form 1310 Signature When E-Filing Prior Year Return
  • Resolved: Identity Theft – Dependent Workflow Issues

Release for the week of June 8, 2016 (R32)

  • Resolved: F1099-Misc Home and Business missing Fatca filing requirement indicator on the Business tab section.

Release for the week of May 25, 2016 (R31)

  •  Resolved - Question on medical screen used incorrect grammar.


Release for the week of May 18, 2016 (R30)

  • Resolved - Mac Issue with picklist had word wrapped lines.
  • Resolved - Mac App Store App Payment Issue in Production.
  • Resolved - Competitor File Import failed when user selected File after clicking “Continue” instead of “Find your tax return” link on the year-over-year screen.
  • Resolved - Vehicle Registration/Affordable Care Act had styling and alignment issues.

Release for the week of May 9, 2016 (R29)

  • Resolved: Form SS-4 3rd party designee address on printed copy displays as incomplete since 2013.
  • Resolved: Form 1099-G worksheet displays an incorrect error when using locality abbreviation “MIC.”
  • Resolved: Form 6252 - Display issue on “Summary of Gains on Payments Received Smart Worksheets” has been fixed.
  • Resolved: Basis of fractional shares being zero’d out after customer finishes entering entries.
  • Resolved: Users who e-filed with direct debit, and then amend with a balance due received a message stating the balance due will be direct debited.
  • Resolved: Form 4952 worksheet Line 20A calculation incorrect.
  • Resolved: Incomplete address info causing schema validation errors.
  • Resolved: Schedule E is incorrectly allowing a loss. (Less than FMR rentals.)

Release for the week of April 27, 2016 (R27)

  • Resolved:  Updating the Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) in forms mode does not update the value in Step-by-Step interview in the healthcare coverage portion.
  • Resolved:  State Download Assistant was displaying a success message even if no state was available for download (Mac Only).
  • Resolved:  1099-G Box 7 payments not showing up as taxable.
  • Enhancement: Enablement of 2015 New York e-file amend.

Release for the week of April 20, 2016 (R26)

  • Resolved: Form 8615 worksheet line 6a was incorrectly including scholarship income.
  • Resolved: Some lines were not flowing to form 1116 which was causing no AMT Foreign Tax Credit to calculate on Form 6251.  This may have resulted in incorrectly placing the return in AMT.
  • Resolved: HSA excess contribution in a prior year was not allowing entry of the amount that was (or will be) withdrawn after being asked if you want to withdraw money from the HSA.
  • Resolved: Schedule K-1 (K1P & K1S) added an error message in Review for capacity fields for lines 3a, 3b, and 4 in the additional information worksheet.
  • Resolved: Form 3800 New Hire Retention credit can only be reported as a carryover, not as current year credit.
  • Resolved: Inaccurate instructions for making QDI adjustments for foreign qualified dividends and LT capital gains.
  • Resolved: Investment credit on Form 3800 was flowing to Form 3468 but was not showing correctly as part of the tax return.
  • Resolved: Form 8615 Worksheet – Line 6a incorrectly included scholarship income.  It should only be unearned income.
  • Resolved: 1099-R with recipient who had a foreign address was causing error during the review.
  • Resolved: Form 3800 Part II updated to prevent negative values on various lines.
  • Resolved: Form 1116 AMT carryover was not completing Part IV of regular tax Form 1116 when there is no regular foreign tax credit.
  • Resolved: Schedule B generated errors regarding foreign accounts and trusts incorrectly during the interview data entry.
  • Resolved: Form 4952, make a capital gain election screen in the interview wasn’t always being displayed when necessary.
  • Resolved: Form 4137 was only including W-2 income with only Social Security tips (box 7) if 2 W-2’s were present.
  • Enhancement: Product help for Keogh contribution example was updated.
  • Enhancement: Product help for when a vehicle is retired to personal use was updated.

Release for the week of March 30, 2016 (R23)

  • Resolved: TurboTax for Mac was getting stuck in a calculation loop.
  • Resolved: Unable to edit a 1099-Div when transferred from last year on the “Let’s get the details of your 2015 Income” screen.
  • Resolved: Form 2555 – Foreign earned income exclusion interview was not allowing the extra day for leap year.
  • Resolved: How long will you use this vehicle for business? Error was incorrect for the expected years of business use.
  • Resolved: Form 8829, Line D1 of Ln 8 Smart Wks is not between the upper and lower limits error fixed.
  • Resolved: Smart Check typo on IRA Contributions Worksheet where two different lines were being referenced to fix, this should have been the same line.
  • Resolved: Multiple copies of Form 1116-AMT were making the return ineligible for e-file.
  • Resolved: Vermont: Sch IN-155 Addback Form was not generating from state tax return.  
  • Enhancement: Clarified instructions for Excess HSA Contribution on whether or not to include an excess contribution withdrawal reported on 1099-SA.

Release for the week of March 28, 2016 (R22.2)

  • Whitelisting change (Recaptcha). Certain users will be presented with Recaptcha to validate they are not a robot and protects TurboTax from spam and abuse.

Release for the week of March 23, 2016 (R22)

  • Resolved: Could not reopen a file in the MAC OS if it was transferred from an encrypted Tax Year 2014 tax return from Windows and then added a password to the file for Tax Year 2015 on a Mac.
  • Resolved: Car & Truck Expense worksheet error “Date file closed due to index out of defined range.”
  • Resolved: Form 8889, Line 14 rounding error.
  • Resolved: Error during smart check: HiddenForm6251 Line 53 is not between the prescribed upper and lower limits.
  • Resolved: 1099-B entered for Bond with accrued interest incorrectly showed the adjustment as a negative number.
  • Resolved: Form 8582 was not being generated when the rules for exception were not being met.
  • Resolved: Form 5405 was not being generated for the secondary taxpayer when the credit applied to both people on the tax return.
  • Enhancement: Error message for Form 8919 was rewritten and clarified when there is a 1099-Misc with Box 7 income when no reason code is entered.
  • Resolved: Amend Step 1: Print Returns button was not working properly.

Release for the week of March 16, 2016 (R21)

  • Resolved - Users were receiving "Error FONLINE DATE7216 has an invalid date" when going to final review.
  • Resolved - Removed error if you are filing HOH status and indicate “did not live with your spouse at any time during the year.” 
  • Resolved - Free state download was not always being recognized due to some installation issues.
  • Resolved - Qualifying relative who lived with you for more than six months was not being recognized as a qualifying dependent.  This was happening if you originally indicated the relative did not qualify and then the answers were changed to show the relative should qualify.
  • Enhancement - Vehicle registration fees help file was updated for which states can deduct this fee.
  • Enhancement - Cuba has been removed from ineligible countries.

Release for the week of March 9, 2016 (R20)

  • Enhancement - Added ability to show if excess HSA contribution withdrawal is for taxpayer or spouse, instead of defaulting to spouse
  • Enhancement - Military: “Where were you stationed?” question was not being asked in the interview..
  • Enhancement - New Help added for 1099-Div - Box 10 for Exempt Interest with no state entered will cause an error.  This error is correct because the state is needed to accurately calculate this information. 
  • Resolved - Deductions & Credits Summary screen rounding error for “Other Deductions.”
  • Resolved - Military: Second state of residence was not saving for former military members in the personal information section.