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TurboTax FAQ
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What is the QuickBooks Self-Employed Mobile App?

With the QuickBooks Self-Employed mobile app, you can track expenses effortlessly in real time, year round. The mobile app helps you stay on top of all your expenses and categorize them throughout the year so you don’t miss a thing.
You can also track your miles automatically. It’s easy to keep every trip logged with on-the-go mileage tracking from your mobile phone. 
The app also lets you capture receipts in a snap. You just point, snap, and store your receipts and never lose proof of an expense.
The QuickBooks Self-Employed Mobile App uses the latest technology to protect your data. 
The QuickBooks Self-Employed Mobile App is available for both Apple and Android phones. You can get the app at the App Store for Apple, or Google Play store for Android. 

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