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TurboTax 2016 For Windows Installation Error .Net 4.5.2 Repair Failed or Error: 1602*

 Some Customers are experiencing an error when attempting to install TurboTax 2016 on Windows 7 and Windows 10.

The Error is a failure when TurboTax attempts to repair Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5.2 or receiving  "Error: 1602*-2147457260*2147467260*"


Cause and Resolutions

We have found this error to be caused by an issue with the installed version of .Net Framework on your Windows computer.

To resolve you may try the following steps.


1. Perform Microsoft Windows updates by visiting Windows Update from your Start Menu. (Some of the patches for Microsoft's .Net Framework may be listed as optional updates.)

2. Install any critcal updates and any optional updates for .Net Framework. (Once updated you may be required to restart your computer.)

3. After system restart, attempt installation of TurboTax 2016.


If the error persists please use the Microsoft .Net Repair Tool listed here .

When using the .Net Repair Tool, carefully (we cannot emphasize this enough!)   follow each of the steps outlined by Microsoft Support.

Once the repair is completed, you may be required to restart your computer.

Once the system restart has completed, attempt to run the TurboTax 2016 installation.


If the Error continues to persist, please contact us for further troubleshooting.