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TurboTax FAQ
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How do I print the 2015 return I filed in TurboTax Online?

  1. Sign in at TurboTax.com with the same login you used to file your 2015 return.
  2. In your Tax Timeline, select 2015 Tax Year.
  3. Click Download/print return (PDF) and select Open.
  4. In Adobe Reader, click the "printer" icon (or select FilePrint in the upper left corner).

    Adobe Reader XI version 11.0.5; other versions may differ slightly

  5. Make any adjustments in the popup window, such as number of copies, and then click the Print button at the bottom.
  6. If nothing prints, or the PDF saves instead of prints, repeat Step 4 and then:
    • Click the Advanced button near the top of the popup window;
    • Clear the Print to File checkbox;
    • Click OK,and then click the Print button again.

When you print the "hard copy" of the return you filed, it'll include extra documentation and calculation worksheets for your files. However, it won't include W-2, 1099, or any other forms from your employer, bank, brokerage (etc.) because TurboTax didn't generate those forms. Contact the party who originally issued those forms if you need those.