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TurboTax FAQ
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Whose AGI should newlyweds use?

Assuming the two of you are filing together for the first time in 2016 (congratulations by the way!), you'll want to enter the adjusted gross income (AGI) from each spouse's originally filed 2015 return.

Don't combine your 2015 AGIs into a single figure, as this is guaranteed to cause a rejection. We'll ask for both of your 2015 AGI amounts when you get to the AGI input screen.

Also, it doesn't matter if a spouse filed jointly in 2015 with somebody else. Use the AGI—no matter what the filing status was or who earned the income—from the return filed by that person in 2015.

If you and/or your spouse didn’t file last year and you’re in TurboTax, just tell us you didn’t file last year when we ask you. But if you’ve already entered a number for your AGI, manually enter 0 instead.

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