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Screen sharing with a trusted contact - Frequently Asked Questions

If I share my screen with a someone I trust, what can they see?

They’ll see exactly what you’re seeing on your TurboTax screen, including dollar amounts, as well as any other information being displayed.

Take your trusted contact along screen by screen from start to finish, or just focus on a few screens—it’s up to you. Since you’re in the driver’s seat, they’ll only be able to view the data, not enter anything or alter it in any way.

Note: This in no way gives them full access to your computer, they’ll just be able to see your TurboTax screens.

Can the person I share my screen with enter things into TurboTax for me?

No. They’ll be able to draw, highlight and point to items on your screen, but you’ll be in charge of making changes or entering information along the way.

For that reason, it’s a good idea to connect by phone, instant messenger or text while you’re screen sharing.

Does the person I invite need a TurboTax account?

No. As soon as they click on your invite link, you’ll get an onscreen notification telling you that they’re ready. The security code they’ll need before you can start screen sharing will also be displayed.

They won’t need to install anything or have a TurboTax account, just a computer with an internet connection and the willingness to lend a helping hand. 

What if the person I invite isn’t available right away?

No worries. The invite link is good for up to two hours. Just make sure you’re still signed in to TurboTax when they click on their invite link. Otherwise, you can simply send them a new invite.

I’m trying to connect with my trusted contact to share my screen but it isn’t working. Why?

You could be having trouble because:

  • You’re not logged in. If you’ve logged out, you have to log back in.
  • Your invitation to connect has expired, it’s only good for two hours. After that you have to send a new invite.
  • You’ve cancelled the request. Just initiate a new session if you’ve changed your mind and want to share your screen.
  • There’s a technical glitch. Try logging out and then logging in again.

Why don’t I see the option to share my screen?

This new feature isn’t available to all users just yet.

When is screen sharing useful?

Screen sharing is a great option if you want to ask someone you trust for help, have your work double checked, or if you just want some extra moral support.

Why do I need to put in my trusted contact’s phone number?

It’s optional to include a phone number. If you do choose to do so, we’ll text your trusted contact the security code that allows them to view your TurboTax screen. If you don’t include their phone number, you ‘ll need to give them the code yourself.

Where is my trusted contact’s invite?

Let your trusted contact know that they should check all their email folders. It may have ended up somewhere other than their primary folder, like in their junk folder.

Can I share my screen with more than one person?

No. Your screen can only be shared with one other person at a time.