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TurboTax FAQ
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Why didn't I get the Home Energy Credit?

Your home must be located in the United States to qualify for the home energy credit. There is an exception for fuel cells which qualify for the credit if installed in your main home regardless of its location.

Additional requirements when you install solar, wind or geothermal energy systems:

  • Must be to your main home or a second home, rental properties don't qualify.
  • Solar equipment used to heat swimming pools or hot tubs don't qualify.

Additional requirements for energy-efficient improvement you make to your home:

  • Must be made to your main home, second homes don't qualify.
  • Must be to an existing home, new construction doesn't qualify.
  • There's a maximum lifetime credit limit of $500, of which only $200 can be used for windows/skylights.

Also, this is a nonrefundable credit which means it can’t be used to create a tax refund or increase an existing tax refund. Instead, the credit would be carried forward to next year.