TurboTax FAQ
TurboTax FAQ

2015 Alabama: Foreign Source Income

There was an error in TurboTax that may have affected your 2015 Alabama state tax return. TurboTax is working with the Alabama Department of Revenue and if your return is affected, you will receive a letter in the mail from the Department and an email from TurboTax.

Calculations, relating to Alabama returns with foreign source earned income, were incorrect. Intuit takes responsibility for the accuracy of our tax products. We fixed these calculations and want to make sure your return is complete and accurate.

Foreign source earned income may be excluded from income on a federal return under certain situations. Alabama requires taxpayers to include foreign source earned income on their Alabama return unless this income was excluded on the federal return.

Because of this error, certain taxpayers filed an incorrect state tax return. The foreign source earned income should have been included on the Alabama return and was not.


Do I need to amend my Alabama return?

You must amend your Alabama return if ALL of the following apply to you:

  • You filed your Alabama state tax return prior July 28th, 2016 AND
  • Your filing status was Married Filing Joint AND
  • Your spouse had foreign source income earned in 2015 AND
  • That foreign source income was not eligible for the foreign exclusion on your federal return AND
  • That amount was not included on your Alabama Form 40, Part I, Line 8 (Other Income).

If you are affected, you have underpaid your state tax. You must amend your Alabama state tax return.


How do I amend my Alabama return?

  • Follow these amend instructions for the TurboTax Online product.
  • If you used the TurboTax Online product but need to amend after TurboTax Online has closed for the season, please follow these instructions to install the TurboTax CD Download product to your computer.
  • Follow these amend instructions for the TurboTax CD Download product.
  • After you make the changes to your tax return, you will need to mail a copy of your amended state return.
  • Your printed return will include instructions on how and where to mail it.
If you need help amending your return, please contact us via the phone number in the email you received from TurboTax and tell the representative you’re calling about 2015 Alabama: Foreign Source Income.