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2015 Arizona: Long term care expenses

Arizona taxpayers can establish a long term care health savings account (AZLTHSA) to pay for future long term care expenses. When a distribution from an AZLTHSA is used to pay those expenses, the amount reduces the medical expenses on the Arizona tax return.

Certain Arizona taxpayers, who received distributions from their federal HSA account, may have filed an incorrect Arizona tax return.

TurboTax has fixed this issue

How to tell if you may be impacted

  • You filed your Arizona tax return prior to February 18, 2016 AND
  • You withdrew money from your federal HSA to pay general medical expenses in 2015 AND
  • That amount is included on your Arizona, Schedule A, line 2 (as a distribution from your AZLTHSA)

If you are affected, you may have underpaid or overpaid your state tax. You may need to amend your 2015 Arizona return.


To amend your return:

  • Follow these amend instructions for the TurboTax Online product.
  • Follow these amend instructions for the TurboTax CD Download product.
  • After you make the changes to your tax return, you will need to mail a copy of your amended state return.
  • Your printed return will include instructions on how and where to mail it.

If you need to contact us, please use the phone number in the email from TurboTax and tell the representative you’re calling about 2015 Arizona: Long term care expenses