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Hawaii: Errors generated on Schedule X for the Food/Excise Credit

When preparing your Hawaii return and you qualify for the Food/Excise Tax Credit, there are errors generated when there is a minor child on the return receiving more than half of their support from public assistance.  The experience in TurboTax is as follows:

  • In the Hawaii interview the first screen, titled "About Hawaii's Food/Excise Credit", lists all qualified individuals.
  • There is an option on this screen to omit any minor receiving more than half of their support from public assistance.
  • Once the omit boxes are checked, the following screens ask about children under 18 who received public assistance.
  • You then enter the minor children receiving public assistance.

Once this is done, depending on how many children are listed, multiple errors occur on Schedule X indicating that an individual that was claimed for the tax credit is entered wrong and must be removed, even though you entered all information correctly.  The tax credit and tax return are correct, but the erroneous errors are prohibiting you from completing your Hawaii return.


In this situation you will not be able to efile your return and will need to print and mail. For assistance with printing and mailing your tax returns, please refer to the following support articles: