TurboTax FAQ
TurboTax FAQ

Cannot E-file New York State Return Due to Error -601ERRV;?,PARSE_2-?;?

Some New York State customers are not able to transmit their Tax Return due to Error -601ERRV;?,PARSE_2-?;?-.


Some New York State tax credit forms are not supported by TurboTax. In order for Tax Payers to claim these credits TurboTax will guide the customers to the New York State Taxation and Finance web site to download the form, fill out the form manually and attach the form to TurboTax to transmit to New York State when the return is e-filed. There are a couple of situations with this PDF attachment that will cause the return to fail validation with the error code above:

  1. The Taxpayer filled out the form and attached the PDF to TurboTax. Once the form was attached the form was moved from its original location on the local computer (ex. the form was in the documents folder and was moved to another folder in documents or deleted). When it comes time to e-file your return TurboTax cannot find the PDF file and the return will fail validation with the parse error.
  2. The Taxpayer entered the credit, filled out the form, attached the form, but decided at the last minute to not claim the credit. So the customer cleared the credit but did not clear the attachment. When you e-file the program will fail validation.

If you are experiencing this issue please complete the following workarounds. If one does not work move on to the next:

Re-attach the PDF form if it was moved from the original location:

  1. Click State Taxes tab
  2. Click Continue for New York State
  3. Click Update next to PDF Attachments under other forms and voluntary contributions 
  4. Re-attach the PDF from the new location and file your taxes.

If you no longer want to claim the credit and forgot to un-attach the PDF document:

  1. Click State Taxes
  2. Click Continue for New York State
  3. Click Update next to Credits and other Taxes
  4. Click Update next to Refundable Credits 
  5. Enter a number for the Rehabilitation of Historic Properties Credit (IT-238) (Please add this credit even though you do not qualify WE NEED TO ACTIVATE THE PDF ATTACHMENT SECTION in order to do this we need something entered in a credit that requires an attachment. We will remove this later.)
  6. Click Continue
  7. Click Done with Credits
  8. Click Update next to PDF Attachments under Other Forms and Voluntary Contributions
  9. Click Continue 
  10. Clear out all attachments
  11. Click Continue
  12. Click Yes, I want to move on and I'll get to it later
  13. Click Continue
  14. Click Update next to Credits and Other Taxes
  15. Click Update next to Refundable Credits
  17. Click Continue
  18. Attempt to e-file your return.

Clear your New York State data and re-create your state return

  1. Click the File menu at the top left corner of your screen
  2. Hover over Remove Data
  3. Select New York
  4. Confirm the operation
  5. Re-Create your return

If none of the above workarounds solve your issue then you will need to print and mail your New York State return this year.