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I was divorced in 2016; how do I handle a 1095-A?

If you divorced in 2016, have health insurance through the Marketplace and everyone listed on your 1095-A are also on your tax return, you just enter your 1095-A information in TurboTax and we'll handle the rest.

If you divorced in 2016, your children are listed on your ex-spouse’s tax return and are also on his or her 1095-A, unless you have a 1095-A of your own, you don’t need to enter any 1095-A information.

Divorced in 2016, children as dependents on your return however they are listed on your ex-spouse’s 1095-A

In this case, TurboTax will ask you to enter the information from your ex-spouse’s 1095-A. The next screen will ask you about your health plan being shared, so check the box.

Then you'll see a screen asking for shared policy information. You enter the following:

  • Enter the social security number in box 5 (recipient's SSN) on your ex-spouse’s 1095-A
  • Enter the start month and stop month that your children had that insurance

Now you'll be asked to enter percentages for Your Premium, SLCSP and advanced payment.

You and your ex-spouse can agree on what percentage of those amounts in column A, B, and C that each of you will claim on your returns. You can use anything from zero to 100 percent, as long it all adds up to 100 percent. You can have one return show zero percent and the other return show 100% of the 1095-A amounts. You will use the same percentage for all amounts.

If you don’t agree, each spouse must use 50%.

Example: Keith and Stephanie are married at the beginning of 2016 and have three children, Ben, Grace, and Max. In January, 2016, Keith enrolls all of the family in a Marketplace plan except for Stepanie. She had a health plan through work.

Keith and Stephanie divorce in July. The children stayed on Keith’s health plan.

Keith claims Ben and Grace as dependents on his 2016 tax return and Stephanie claims Max as a dependent on her return. Keith gets a 2016 Form 1095-A.

Keith and Stephanie agree to allocate the policy amounts 33% to Stephanie and 67% to Keith. If they didn’t agree, it would be 50% each.