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New York: Unable to allocate business income between New York City and Yonkers

TurboTax does not currently support the allocation of business income between New York City and Yonkers in the New York interview.  Currently, the interview only allows you to allocate this income for one of the cities which is usually Yonkers since it is the last city you go through when allocating this income.  However, there is a workaround provided below that requires the TurboTax Desktop product.


To resolve this issue, you can manually allocate the business income by using the TurboTax Desktop product by following the steps below.

Using TurboTax Online:

  1. Purchase TurboTax Desktop.  Did you already pay for TurboTax Online?  If so, contact us.
  2. Download and install TurboTax and New York.
  3. Save your .tax2015 tax file from TurboTax Online
  4. Next, skip to step 1 of the Using TurboTax Desktop section below.

Using TurboTax Desktop:

  1. Open your tax return and go to Forms Mode.
  2. In your list of forms in New York, locate the New York City/Yonkers Wage/Self-Employment Income Allocation Worksheet
    • It will show as "Cty Wg/SE Alloc" in the list of forms.
  3. Next, locate Part II - City Self-Employment Income Allocation for Taxpayer or Spouse
  4. From here, you can manually split up the business income between NYC and Yonkers, reporting each one as a separate line item.
    • Note: If you are allocating based on percentage, it will be 100% for each line item since the amount is already split between NYC and Yonkers.