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"ShippingInfoModel" Error When Paying For TurboTax Online

Some customers have reported issues paying for TurboTax fees by credit/debit card with the MAX Assist & Defend bundle selected.

Depending on the situation, they may see one or more of the following error messages.

  • shippingInfoModel.zip(value: ) size must be between 2 and 14;
  • shippingInfoModel.state(value: ) size must be between 2 and 2;
  • shippingInfoModel.firstName(value: ) size must be between 2 and 20;


This is caused when the MAX bundle is in the order and there are issues with the information entered in the Personal Info section. This can happen in the following situations:

  • You have a foreign mailing address entered, but are paying with a U.S.-based credit/debit card
  • The first name you've entered is only one letter

This can be resolved by temporarily changing your information under Personal Info, then changing it back before filing your return. If you have a foreign address, enter the U.S. billing address for the card you're trying to use. If you have only one letter as your first name, change this to your full first name, as shown on your social security card.

  1. Click on the Personal Info tab at the top
  2. Make the necessary changes to your personal Information
  3. Click the File tab at the top and click Start next to Step 1
  4. Continue to pay for TurboTax Online
  5. Continue through the interview until, in Step 3, you've signed the consent form for MAX Assist & Defend
  6. Return to Personal Info and set your mailing address back to the correct address, as described in steps 1-3, before transmitting your return

If you've followed the above steps and you continue to get the error message, it can be resolved by removing the MAX Benefits from your order, which will allow you to file.

Note: If you choose to remove the MAX bundle and file, you will not be able to order it later.