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Ohio: Form SD 100 showing different School District numbers then what was entered on IT 1040

If you had school district taxes withheld on your W-2 in 2015, or you had to pay them in a prior year, you will be asked if you want to prepare them when completing your Ohio return.  In these scenarios, the school district code may not reflect the same school district reported on Form IT 1040.

Where does the School District Code come from?

Below is a list of areas in TurboTax where the school district code can be entered:

  • Form W-2 - If you have locality taxes reported on your W-2 (boxes 18-20) and Box 20 has a school district code entered.  With a school district code entered on the W-2, this will automatically generate the SD 100 with that code, which could be different than the SD reported on Form IT 1040.
  • Did you pay taxes to a school district in a prior year?  If so, the school district code will transfer to the following year and is listed on the Federal Carryover Worksheet under the State and Local Income Tax Information section.  When preparing your Ohio return you will be asked during the interview if you want to file your school district taxes.  You can answer "No" and the SD 100 will not be included in your filed Ohio return.
  • Entered the wrong SD code - If you manually generated Form SD 100, double check the code that was entered.  It could have been entered incorrectly.  You can go back though this section to correct the SD code.