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TurboTax FAQ
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Unable To Import From ItsDeductible

Some users using the TurboTax CD/Download version have reported getting an error message that their account information is wrong or their account wasn't found when trying to import from ItsDeductible.


First, change your username and password to only letters, numbers, and the following symbols (-!@#$). Then try importing again.

How do I change my TurboTax login (user ID or password)?

If you're still not able to import, make sure you are able to sign in to your ItsDeductible account with the exact same username and password on ItsDeductible.com and see your data there. Also make sure that the data is under the 2016 tab, not the 2017 tab. If you're not able to sign in and see your data, select I forgot my user ID or password and follow the instructions to recover your password or check for other accounts.