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How do I enter a 1099-K?

You’ll enter the income reported on your Form 1099-K as 'Additional income' along with any cash or checks you received as self-employment income.

Here's how to enter your 1099-K:

  1. Open your return.
    (To do this, open the mobile app and tap the orange Take me to my return button.)
  2. Do a search for Schedule C (entered exactly like this) and then select Jump to Schedule C in the search results. 
  3. This will take you to where you can enter Additional income from your 1099-K. You may be asked some general questions about your business. After you answer them, you’ll be taken to the Your Business screen where you can enter your 1099-K under Business Income.

If you are entering income from a 1099-K, remember that it reports the gross amount of the transactions. It doesn't include any adjustments for credits, refunds, discounts, fees, etc. You’ll have a chance to enter any business expenses like fees and all other expenses in another part of your return.