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Windows: "State download included" product is charging for state download

Some TurboTax customers are experiencing an issue with "Free State download included" product charging for the state download.  PLEASE NOTE: This is for State Download issues, not for State E-file charges of $24.99.  For more on the State E-file fee of $24.99:  https://ttlc.intuit.com/questions/2315915-state-efile-fees


Different Versions of TurboTax Desktop Product


We also wanted to clear up some confusion regarding the different versions of TurboTax Desktop that are available.  We have two versions – one that includes one free statedownload and another version that does not include a free state and requires you to pay for the state.



Below is an example of the two versions available:

You can check the packaging of your TurboTax product to confirm what version you currently have installed.  If you have the version that does not have “State Returns” on it, you will need to pay for your state product.


You can also verify which version you have by looking at the CD.  The top of the CD will read “Federal Return” for the stateless version and “Federal & State Return” for the version with the free state download.




A program update was released on 3/18/2016 to resolve this issue.  From within TurboTax, please click on the "Online" menu and then click on "Check for updates" to make sure you're on the latest release.  Once your program is on the latest release, please close TurboTax and reboot your computer.  You can then re-open TurboTax and download your free state.