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Health Insurance:Federal Review Shows Error That 1095-A Must Be Included When Taxpayer Is A Dependent

Federal Review may show an error for the Health Entry Sheet or the 1095-A if your status is changed to being claimed as a dependent on another person's return after going through the Health Insurance section.


If you're seeing this error, you can resolve it by following the steps below:

  1. Click on the Personal Info section at the top
  2. Next to your name click Edit
  3. In section three, under Someone else can claim me on their tax return select No
  4. Click on the Federal Taxes section at the top (Personal in Home & Business)
  5. Then click on the Health Insurance section
  6. Select I had health insurance coverage all year and Continue
  7. Select No, when asked if you were enrolled in a plan through the marketplace and Continue. This will delete the unwanted 1095-A.
  8. Return to Personal Info and set your status back to a dependent claimed on another person's return