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TurboTax FAQ
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What is Tax Identity Restoration?

Tax Identity Restoration can help you get your identity back if somebody files a fraudulent return on your behalf. This service is provided by IDnotify, a part of Experian, and sold as part of the MAX bundle.

In the event of tax fraud, your dedicated Tax Identity Restoration specialist will:

  • Obtain liminited power of attorney so that he or she can help you file police reports;
  • Handle communications with the IRS;
  • Prepare and file any necessary paperwork on your behalf;
  • Assist with dispute letters to creditors, credit bureaus, government agencies, and forms related to the IRS;
  • Examine your credit reports for other instances of fraud.

In addition, you have the option to log into your Tax Identity Restoration dashboard to add any additional personal information (Social Security number, email addresses, etc.) you'd like to be monitored. If risk is detected, you'll get instructions on how to secure your personal information.