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TurboTax FAQ
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Transferring H&R Block and TaxACT Information into TurboTax Desktop 2016 for Windows

The TurboTax Windows 2016 CD/Download product supports transferring of files from H&R Block at Home (.t15 and PDF) and TaxACT (.ta5 and PDF). 

As you begin to work on your 2016 return, you’ll have a chance to locate last year’s tax file on your computer and transfer. 

What Information Transfers Over? 

Transferring a Tax File (.t15 or .ta5) brings over more information than transferring a PDF, as follows:

Tax File Transfer (.t15 file from H&R Block Home, or .ta file from TaxACT)

We currently transfer over 100 fields that can help you get ahead on your tax return. This includes:

  1. Personal Information:
    • Names
    • Social Security Number(s) 
    • Addresses
    • Employer Information
    • Other basic personal information
  2. Information contained in prior year returns that will affect the tax accuracy of the current year return:
    • Capital losses
    • Disallowed deductions
    • Credits carried over to subsequent years
    • Schedule TurboTax information

Please be aware, we do not transfer information that requires complex calculations such as depreciation.

PDF Transfer

Transferring a PDF will pull over Personal Information only (see above).