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Health Insurance Loop

Some customers have experienced a loop on the Health Insurance screen where a screen is populated that indicates they have not entered in the personal information required to complete the Health Insurance Interview questions.


Why does this occur?

There are several different scenarios that cause this error to occur:

  • This is occurring when information is entered into personal information and changed. (Information does not get updated properly within the software).
  • The same social security number is entered for multiple people on a return.
  • Incomplete information in the Personal Information section of the program. (Verify that all questions in the Personal Information section of the program are answered for Taxpayer, Spouse and Dependents.)

Workaround for TurboTax Desktop Customers

  1. Verify all of the information in the Personal Information section is complete.
    1. Revisit Personal Information section and verify the information for each individual is correct by selecting Edit next to each section and reviewing the information for all individuals.
  2. If the information above is correct and you are still unable to answer the Healthcare Insurance questions:
    1. Go to Forms
    2. Delete Health Coverage  & Form 8962
    3. Go to Easy Step > Personal Info Tab and remove all of the personal information for Taxpayer, Spouse and Dependents.
    4. Once removed, reenter information for all individuals.
    5. Go to Federal Taxes Tab >  I’ll Choose what I work on > Done with Income
    6. Continue through interview to Deductions & Credits > I’ll choose what I work on > Edit information on You and Your Family section (if applicable).Select Done with Deductions and Revisit Health Insurance.