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TurboTax FAQ
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Do I need to file a state return?

If you're getting a small refund from your state, you may be tempted not to file, especially if it costs more to file your state than what you'd get back from them.

However, this decision can come back to haunt you later. State tax law – not your refund amount – determines whether or not you're required to file.

Many states require that you file a state tax return if you filed a federal return, regardless of your anticipated refund amount.

Select your state for info about their filing requirements (or state contact information if they don't provide their filing requirements online).

Alabama (AL) Kentucky (KY) North Dakota (ND)
Alaska (AK) – No income tax Louisiana (LA) Ohio (OH)
Arizona (AZ) Maine (ME) Oklahoma (OK)
Arkansas (AR) Maryland (MD) Oregon (OR)
California (CA) Massachusetts (MA) Pennsylvania (PA)
Colorado (CO) Michigan (MI) Rhode Island (RI) (Page 1)
Connecticut (CT) Minnesota (MN) South Carolina (SC)
Delaware (DE) (Page 2) Mississippi (MS) South Dakota (SD) – No income tax
District of Columbia (DC) Missouri (MO) Tennessee (TN)
Florida (FL) – No income tax Montana (MT) Texas (TX) – No income tax
Georgia (GA) Nebraska (NE) (Page 5) Utah (UT)
Hawaii (HI) (Page 4) Nevada (NV) – No income tax Vermont (VT)
Idaho (ID) New Hampshire (NH) Virginia (VA)
Illinois (IL) New Jersey (NJ) Washington (WA) – No Income tax
Indiana (IN) New Mexico (NM) West Virginia (WV) (Page 15)
Iowa (IA) New York (NY) Wisconsin (WI)
Kansas (KS) (Page 3) North Carolina (NC) Wyoming (WY) – No income tax