TurboTax FAQ
TurboTax FAQ
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Where can I find out how much property (real estate) tax I paid?

Here are some ways to figure it out: 

  • Check Box 10 "Other" on Form 1098 from your mortgage company.
  • Review your bank or credit card records if you paid the property/real estate tax yourself. 
  • Go to your city or county tax assessor's website, and look for a link to "Property search" or "Property Tax records."

Keep in mind

  • If you pay your property tax with your mortgage, you can only deduct it after your lender has paid the tax on your behalf. You can contact your lender to find out when they typically make these payments. (For example a lender might make the payment in October to cover the total amount of the following year’s taxes; or they might make quarterly payments. It depends on the taxing authority in your location.)
  • Be sure to claim the deduction in the year you made the payment. So if you paid your 2017 property tax on December 14, 2016, claim it on your 2016 return.

Follow this link for more info on how to enter the property (real estate) tax you paid.