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How do I track my Montana tax refund?

The Montana Department of Revenue will be taking more time to review 2018 returns for fraudulent activity, which will increase the time it normally takes to receive a refund.

To track the status of your Montana refund, go to the Montana TransAction Portal (TAP) and click Where's My Refund (in the Quick Links section).

For refund-related questions, contact the Montana Department of Revenue.

Statement from the Montana Department of Revenue: Generally, the timeframe for issuing refunds depends on when the return is filed and the volumes coming in. For returns filed in January with no problems noted, refunds can sometimes be issues within a week. However, refunds from returns filed in April can sometimes take 8 weeks, even if there is no problem with the return, as the state manages its cash resources as it meets all of its obligations. The timing of refunds is also affected by the Department's measures to prevent identity theft and refund fraud. The time to process refunds will be slower and refunds will only be issued when the Department has taken reasonable steps to ensure that the individuals claiming the refunds are not using stolen identities.