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TurboTax FAQ
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Why don't I see the Upgrade button in TurboTax Online?

Here are some reasons why you're not seeing Upgrade in the upper-right corner of your screen:

  • You’re not inside your tax return. Locate and click on My TurboTax  and then click the big, orange Take me to my return button. Once the blue "Simple and accurate" window disappears, you should see the Upgrade button on top.
  • You're upgrading from a mobile device. Follow these mobile instructions.
  • You're in Self-Employed, which is the highest personal (individual) tax version and can’t be upgraded.
  • If the option to upgrade is grayed out, you’re already in the version you’re attempting to upgrade to or in a higher version.
  • Our search window is covering the Upgrade button. Click X in the top right to close the window.
  • Your window isn’t maximized. If that’s the case, the Upgrade button might be located in a slide-out sidebar to the left.
  • You haven’t filled out your personal information and started your 2016 return yet. Do so and the Upgrade button will appear.
  • You already filed your 2016 return. Click Search in the top right corner, type “PLUS Option” in the Search box and click the search icon. Next select Contact Us and then the “Talk to an expert” option. You’ll now be able to select Get Plus benefits and follow the prompts. Once you’ve paid, go back to the Tax Timeline and look for Load My Tax Timeline.

Here's what the upper right corner of your return should look like on non-mobile devices: