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How do I switch from filing jointly to filing separately?

NOTE:  Once you file a joint return, you cannot choose to file separate returns for that year after the due date of the return.

If you started a joint return, didn't file it yet, and now wish to switch to Married Filing Separately, follow these instructions (unless you already transferred info over from last year's joint return, in which case it's best to start over with a brand new return that has nothing transferred over).

  1. Open your return.
  2. (To do this, sign in to TurboTax and click the orange Take me to my return button.)
  3. Click the Personal Info tab.
  4. On the Personal Info Summary screen, click Edit next to Marital Status.
  5. On the Let's confirm your marital status screen, answer No to Do you want to file this return together with your spouse? Then continue and follow any onscreen instructions.
  6. Once you're back at the Personal Info Summary screen, go through your federal and state returns again, just to make sure everything looks OK and makes sense.
  7. Have your spouse create a new return for themselves, if they're also filing this year.
    • To do this in TurboTax Online, see Related Information below.
    • To do this in the CD/Download version, see How many times can I e-file using the TurboTax CD or download? in Related Information below.

Don't use these instructions if you're just curious about how filing separately affects your return (go here instead) or if you need to amend a joint return that's already been filed (see these amend instructions).