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Can I still itemize my deductions?

The information in this article pertains to tax year 2017. Find out how tax reform legislation changes the 2018 deductions at How will tax reform affect my 2018 federal tax return?

For tax year 2017 (the taxes you’re filing now), the rules remain the same as you’re used to: If you have few or no deductible expenses, you will likely do better with the standard deduction. On the other hand, if you have lots of expenses, such as medical bills, mortgage interest, and damaged or stolen property, you may benefit from the itemized deduction.

For tax year 2018 (the taxes you’ll be filing in 2019), the standard deduction will rise and many individual deductions are being suspended or changed. Search TurboTax for the individual deductions you’re interested in for details.

We’ll automatically figure out which deduction works best in your favor, but you can switch to the other one, if you prefer.

With state returns, things are a little different: Some states, like Illinois and Massachusetts, only offer the standard deduction; others, like New York, require that you choose the same deduction you took on your federal return. When you get to your state return, we'll let you know what’s available according to your state's tax laws.