TurboTax FAQ
TurboTax FAQ
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Can I itemize my deductions?

Anybody can choose to itemize on their federal return, even if they get more money back using theĀ standard deduction.

Generally, people with few or no deductible expenses do better with the standard deduction, whereas those with lots of medical expenses, mortgage interest, casualty losses (etc.) usually benefit from the itemized deduction.

TurboTax automatically figures out which deduction works best in your favor, but you can switch to the other one.

With state returns, things are a little different; some states, like Illinois and Massachusetts, only offer the standard deduction, whereas others like New York require that you choose the same deduction you took on your federal return. When you get to your state return, we'll give you all the deduction options (or option) allowed according to your state's tax laws.