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TurboTax FAQ
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How do I enter my Canadian/Quebec Pension Plan (CPP/QPP) or Old Age Security (OAS) benefits?

If you're a U.S. resident, you enter Canada Pension Plan (CPP), Quebec Pension Plan (QPP) or Old Age Security (OAS) benefits as though you had received a Form SSA-1099 from the Social Security Administration:

  1. Type “SSA-1099” in the Search box.
  2. Select the "Jump to" link in the search results.
  3. Select Yes, let's work on Social Security benefits and click Continue.
    • If you land on the SSA-1099 screen instead, skip to Step 5.
  4. Check the first box for Social Security benefits (Form SSA-1099).
  5. Enter the total Canadian CPP, QPP and OAS payments you received during 2016 in Box 5.
    • If you already have an amount in Box 5 from a previously-entered SSA-1099, enter the total of your previously entered amount and your CPP/QPP/OAS benefits.
    • If taxes were withheld from your payments, enter the total withheld during 2016 in Box 6.
  6. Click Continue and follow any additional instructions.

Please note that only government-issued benefits can be treated like Social Security benefits, not money received from private Canadian pensions.

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