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Amend a 2014 California State Return

If you have a simple tax situation, you’ll probably be using the short form (540 2EZ) in which case your amending steps may differ slightly from the instructions below.

Getting started

By the time you get to the Important: Read and Follow Your California Amend Instructions page, we’ve already transferred info from your federal 1040X to your California amended return.

In most cases, we usually don’t need any more info and you can skip to the Review section below.

But if you have additional changes you need to make that are California-specific, use the Topic List to find and go to the area where you need to make your change – look for Show Topic List (Windows) or Topic List (Mac) at the top of the screen. 

Note: You may need to switch to the long form to access a topic area unavailable in the short form. You can do that from the You’ve Finished Your California Return page:

  1. Under the General Info section, select Update for Residency Status/Form Selection.
  2. On the next page, select I’d like to see if the long form is right for me and then select Continue.
  3. On the Do These Apply to You? page, check the box for I will claim a California credit (other than the renter’s credit). You’ll then be switched to the long form.


Review your California amend info

When you come to the About Your California Amended Return page, you’ll be able to see the form for your amended return:

  1. Scroll through and review your amend info and answer any questions that may still need to be answered.
  2. Select Continue after you’re finished reviewing.

Final steps

  1. Awesome, I’m done! Let’s review and go to Wrap-Up, and then select Continue. At this point we may check your California amended return for errors.
  2. Proceed to Wrap-Up. You’ll be asked to print (and save) both your federal and California amended.
    • Note: If you’re amending only your California return, you’ll need to print in File (not in Wrap-Up).
  3. Sign and mail your California amended return.
  4. Drop your amended California return in the mail. Just like the IRS, the state of California does not allow amended returns to be e-filed. The mailing address will be included in the filing instructions, which will print out along with your amended return. The filing instructions will also let you know if you need to attach any other forms to your return.
  5. That’s it! Once your California amended return is in the mail, you’re all done.

Note: Be sure to save a copy of your amended tax return. You'll transfer your amended information to next year's version of TurboTax.