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Where do I enter my exemption number or ECN?

If anyone in your household didn't have health insurance in 2016 and has an exemption number (ECN), follow these steps:

  1. Select the orange button Take me to my return (or continue your return if using a CD/download version).
  2. Select the Health Insurance section in the Federal Taxes tab.
  3. When asked if you had health insurance in 2016, select the option that applies to you, and Continue.
  4. If you had insurance part of the year, select the months you had insurance and Continue.
  5. On the Did you have a situation that waives the tax penalty for being uninsured? screen, scroll down to Applied for an exemption, and select Got an exemption certificate number from the Marketplace and Continue.
  6. On the Let's get your exemption certificate number (ECN) screen, enter the requested exemption information and Continue.