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"Your credentials are invalid. Please try again" when attempting to import your W-2

The message Your credentials are invalid. Please try again when importing your W-2 can be caused by several different things, such as:

  • Entering the wrong info to retrieve your W-2 (for example, an incorrect box 1 amount); or
  • Entering an incorrect EIN; or
  • The taxpayer's name or Social Security number doesn't match the W-2; or
  • The W-2 is either not ready for import (January) or is no longer available (after April).

Most employers who provide W-2 import will have them ready by February 1. And, a few employers have been known to disable the W-2 import after the April filing deadline, resulting in the "invalid credentials" error.


If you haven't already tried this, go back to the screen where you entered the EIN, Let's Start With a Bit of Info From Your W-2, and make sure you entered the right number.

If the EIN is correct, your next step is to return to the Personal Info section and make sure that the taxpayer's name and Social Security number exactly matches what's on the W-2.

Finally, if you're still getting this message after trying these solutions, you can click the Skip Import button to manually enter your W-2.