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Error 102345 or Error 1932147737 Occurs While Opening a Tax File

While opening a TurboTax tax file in the Windows software, an error 102345 occurs. This can sometimes manifest as error 1932147737.

This error can also be produced by opening a non-tax file in TurboTax, for example a PDF copy of a return. TurboTax 2014 will only open .tax2014 files. There are other types of files that can be used to transfer data from last year. Simply click "Start a New Return" and on the next screen it will prompt you to transfer a prior year file. You can use this to transfer data from a prior year tax file.

Solution for Desktop Software

If you are experiencing this error while trying to open a TurboTax file, please ensure TurboTax is up to date by selecting "Check for Updates" from the Online menu. We have released several updates to allow files getting this error to be opened successfully.

In some cases, this may be due to file corruption, and if so, the file may be unopenable. In this instance, you may need to start over if you are unable to locate a saved backup.

If you are unable to open your TurboTax file, TurboTax does attempt to save a backup copy of your file for situations where you may be unable to open your regular tax file. If the backup file exists, it will be in the same directory where your original TurboTax file is saved. The file will be named the same as your normal TurboTax return but with a tilde (~) in front of the file name, and the file may be hidden. Click here to learn how to view hidden files. You can choose to open this file by selecting the File menu in TurboTax, and choosing Open a Tax Return. Simply navigate to the directory where your other tax file is located and select the return with the tilde in front, and choose Open.