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TurboTax FAQ
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If I prepared my return on the mobile app, can I print a copy of my return?

Yes, once you’ve paid. There are two ways you can print your online tax return.

Print from a computer (recommended)

  1. Sign into TurboTax Online from a computer with an attached printer.
  2. From the Tax Timeline, select to Download/print return (PDF) under the 2016 tax year information.
  3. Print the PDF file from a PDF reader on the computer. If you have viewing or printing issues, verify the reader is a current version.

Finish & File Options

After paying for your return, this section allows you to save your return as a PDF. Then you can use your device to print the PDF.

In some cases you can print from your mobile device

  • See Related Information below (this FAQ is only available from a mobile device.)