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Can I get a health insurance penalty exemption?

If you tell us you didn’t have health insurance coverage or only had it for part of 2016, we'll check to see if you had a situation that qualifies for a penalty exemption. If so, we'll help you get the penalty waived.

There are several types of exemptions to the health insurance penalty, including income-related exemptions, hardship exemptions and others.

To see if you qualify for an exemption:

  1. Open your tax return.
  2. Type "ecn" (use lower case) in the Search box
  3. Select the "Jump to" link in the search result.
  4. This brings you to the Health Insurance section.

Simply answer the questions, and we’ll let you know if you or anyone else on your taxes are eligible for an exemption from the penalty. We’ll also tell you what you need to do next.