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TurboTax FAQ
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Will I be able to import my W-2 before I get it in the mail?

You might, provided your employer is a TurboTax Import Partner. However, we do ask for information from your W-2 to facilitate the import process.

If you want to go ahead and try importing anyway, the first thing you'll need is your employer's EIN, or Employer Identification Number.

Another piece of information is the Box 1 amount from your W-2. We ask for this to ensure that it's you (not someone else) importing your W-2. You can get this number from your final pay stub – look for the YTD (Year To Date) gross federal wages amount.

Depending upon your employer, we might also ask for the Box D or Control Number from your W-2. This is something you can only get from your W-2 form.